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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Melbourne, qualifying, 2007Fans were angry at Kimi Raikkonen in Melbourne – while German fans are apparently deserting the sport in droves.

Plus Lewis Hamilton the floor-sweeper, Steve Matchett on the 2007 Ferrari, and much more from the top F1 stories and features of the past week.

Dark cloud over F1 – Okay, so it adds nothing to Mark Hughes’ piece in Autosport on the same subject a few weeks ago, but still there’s no way we want stability control systems anywhere near Formula 1.

“Kimi, you’re a wanker” – Raikkonen’s refusal to sign autographs in Melbourne did not go down well with the locals.

Alonso: I won’t miss Schumacher – The reigning champion was unequivocal about the absence of his old sparring partner at the start of the new season.

Ferrari – the more things change… – Ex-Benetton engineer Steve Matchett on the technology behind the F2007.

Lewis Hamilton swept my floor – Stunt man Terry Grant on the McLaren star.

We take on an F1 star… and lose4car squares up against Anthony Davidson on the PS3 F1 game.

Parkes takes flag as best British debutant in F1
– The story of British racer Mike Parkes who finished second on his F1 debut in 1966.

Schumi absence cost F1 millions – German TV figures for the Australian Grand Prix were down 36.8% (820,000 viewers).

Kimi not number one – Todt – But at what point will the Finn get so far ahead of Massa it’s inevitable?

Government gives SIC mandate to ensure Malaysia remain on the F1 calendar – Despite lots of problems with race day attendance (see earlier F1 in the news for more) the Malaysian government is happy to help keep a Grand Prix at Sepang.

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