A1 Grand Prix: Yoong converts pole to victory

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Alex Yoong, A1 Grand Prix, Mexico City, 2007, 2It was a straightforward win for Alex Yoong and the Malaysia team in the sprint race at Mexico.

All the drama happened at the start. Team Great Britain’s Oliver Jarvis pulled into second place as the cars of teams Germany, Brazil and Mexico collided with each other. Amazingly, none of the chasing pack hit the wreckage.

It left debris strewn along the main straight although surprisingly the safety car was not called on. With the German car out its championship rivals might have capitalised – but France’s Jean Karl Vernay and New Zealand’s Jonny Reid both ran into trouble.

Behind Yoong, Jarvis equalled his result from Beijing with second place, ahead of Australia’s Ian Dyk scoring a podium finish on his debut.

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