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One of Andreas Gursky’s works recently fetched ???1.7m in London – the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction. Among Gursky’s other work is a series of elaborate studies of Formula One, some of which are currently on display to the public.

F1 Boxenstopp (a series of four images) is among Gursky’s works currently on display at the White Cube gallery in London. The “Boxenstopp” series depicts pairs of teams at work on F1 cars, but in keeping with Gursky’s style they have all been carefully re-touched to show more people working on the cars than there would ordinarily be.

Another F1 piece features the Bahrain track shot from high above, distorted so that the track no longer forms a complete circuit.

The display is open at White Cube until May 5th – I’m going to check it out one weekend, let me know if you have…

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    1. .oO(It’s amazing what crap people will pay good money for…)

      Tell me, Keith, can you honestly say that you know what makes these doctored photographs so special? I suppose it’s one step better than a pile of bricks, at least.

    2. I’ll let you know when I’ve seen them!

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